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 Cynthia has been a spiritual, business, and personal consultant for over 40 years.  She is a Priest of the Spiritis Church. She is founder and president of the Sacred World Peace Church & Alliance, and the White Bison Association. Cynthia and her husband Charles are the caretakers of the herd of white bison now in Amesville, Ohio.

 She has worked on ranches all over the world and with many different animals- lions, tigers, bears, one eagle, wolves, horses, longhorn cows, and many more. She feels that the white bison is the most misunderstood, majestic, and powerful  animal she has ever worked with. 

She was a tour guide at the  Grand Canyon, Sedona, and  Hava Supai Falls.

  She has spent years studying and learning from many nature teachers in the ways of Spiritual life. Cynthia learned from her father and mother, and her grandmother was a medicine woman who traveled with Zane Grey.             

 Cynthia has worked with  herbalist Hanna Kroger, Dr. Fred Houston, Wallace Black Elk, Hollis Little Creek, Sakina (Hopi Sand Clan grandmother). White Bear, White Wind, Bishop  Larry Jenson,  Bishop Glenda Green, animal  trainers, and others.

  Her father gifted her a spirit name, Little Golden Bear.

 She attended college at Cleveland State, Alaska University, Georgetown University, Lily Dale Spiritual Center, Spiritis Church, the Sedona Center of  Enlightenment, and the Church of Light and Contact Healing as an apprentice to Dr. Fred Houston    

 She has been recognized for her intuitive knowing and psychic abilities,  Though her seminars, workshops, lectures, and private personal and business consultations, she shares he knowledge of  metaphysical truths  and spiritual insights.

 Cynthia has been honored with being one of the top ten psychic's in the country. She has been featured nationally in numerous magazines and newspapers . She is a valued guest on many radio, television, and internet shows..  

 Cynthia's goal  is to restore American history preservation for the white bison. Please check outt   One in ten million is a white bison. An estimated 20 to 30 million bison once dominated the North American landscape, from the Appalachians to the Rockies,  and from the gulf coast to Alaska. Habitat loss and unregulated shooting reduced the population to just 1,091 by 1889. Today, approximately 500,00 bison live across North America. However, most of these are not pure wild bison, but have been cross-bred with cattle in the past, and are semi-domesticated after being raised as livestock for many generations on ranches. Fewer than 30,000 wild bison are in the conservation herds, and fewer than 5,000 are unfenced and disease -free. 

With our green projects and educational programs, and with great teachers to teach new ideas, we can support and preserve these bison. WE also have to are Music and art projects.

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